Novawinch EN Series Winches

Novawinch EN- Series electric inches will impress the most demanding operators from vehicle recovery, rescue operations, and heavy-duty flatbed and trailer operations. All are compliant with EN 114492-1

Novawinch EN6100 24v electric winch from Super Power Winch
Novawinch EN6100 24v electric winch from Super Power Winch

Novawinch EN6100 24V Electric Winch with Wire Rope

From £2,135.00 ex.VAT
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The Novawinch HEN10000 hydraulic winch has been built to handle the most challenging and demanding commercial jobs.

Novawinch HEN10000 Hydraulic Winch

From £1,577.00 ex.VAT
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The EN-Series of electric winches evolved out of needing heavy-duty durability and frame strength for arduous operations. As a result, the dependable, high torque series wound 24V DC electric motors are the highest rated on the market. In addition, using the frame size and gearbox from the EN hydraulic range makes these winches physically the largest framed 24v heavy-duty electric winches on the market.

Everything with Novawinch hydraulic winches exceeds the norm: 2-drum holes to secure winch cable, Dual-balance valves for reliable braking, and gears cut from hardened steel for high strength.

Weather Proof

All our Novawinch hydraulic winches are IP67 rated for waterproofing - in essence, military-grade sealing - these winches won't let you down in the worst a UK winter can throw at you.

Tested - EN Compliant.

Novawinch takes testing seriously, and so should you. NOVAWINCH test their EN-Series winches to meet and exceed EN 14492-1: 2006 mandate.

Novawinch HEN Series hydraulic winches

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