Novawinch EN6100 24V Electric Winch with Wire Rope

£2,135.00 ex.VAT £2,562.00 inc.VAT
Product Code: NWEN610024WR

Novawinch EN6100 24-volt electric winch is a heavy-duty winch (EN14492-1 Compliant).

Overview and Specification

The Novawinch EN6100 Electric Winch is EN14492-1 Compliant. If an EN winch is a must for your industry, the Novawinch EN6100 is the winch that will surpass your needs.

The 11.8hp high torque series wound 24V DC electric motor is the highest rated on the market. It’s dependable and won’t let you down. The Novawinch EN6100 is 100% compliant with your required safety factors and durability. IP67 waterproof 500A sealed contactor features heavy-duty silver contacts. This will help to keep the Nova winch contactor running at lower temperatures for longer.

This winch features:
  • The tough, large welded Drum meets the needs of EN14492-1, reducing wire rope fatigue and wear.
  • A winch frame derived from the Nova HEN Hydraulic range ensures this winch easily meets EN 14492-1 compliance.
  • 4 Stage Planetary gearbox with a low ratio of 516:1.
  • A high torque series wound motor ensures the winch is never strained. It can maintain dependable line pull ratings over long duty cycles.
  • The exclusive double-lock brake system within the gearbox reduces heat within the drum and gives 100% load-holding capabilities.
  • For safety and efficiency, a top-mounted spring-tensioned cable roller helps reduce cable bunching during rewind.
This winch is supplied with:
  • A commercial-rated plug-in handheld wander-lead remote with a 3.9m cable.
  • Optional plug-in 2 in 1 remote radio kit (IP68 rated)
  • x3 mounting bolt patterns for extra strength.

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