Novawinch HEN10000 Hydraulic Winch

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The Novawinch HEN10000 hydraulic winch has been built to handle the most challenging and demanding commercial jobs.

Overview and Specification

If your job won’t wait on an unreliable winch, the Novawinch HEN10000 Hydraulic Winch is the workhorse you need.

This 10,000 lb hydraulic winch will not disappoint you.  Novawinch developed this winch to satisfy the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. This makes the HEN10000 perfect for recovery and rescue operations, heavy-duty flat-bed trailers and crane applications. The Novawinch HEN Series winches meet EN14492-1: 2006 and SAE J706 requirements.

Novawinch Novawinch HEN10000 Hydraulic Winch features:
  • EN14492-1 Compliant
  • Dual balance valve – ensures reliable braking function.
  • Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for operational safety.
  • Two-stage high-strength hardened steel planetary gears – provide rugged performance and efficiency.
  • Reliable 100% automatic multi-disc hydraulic braking system.
  • The Long-lifetime hydraulic motor can be rotated to meet different oil pipe lengths.
  • Excellent weight-to-strength ratio.
  • Heavy-duty winch sealing for superior water resistance.
  • A manual clutch is standard, with an option for a pneumatic clutch.
  • SAE J706 PART6.2.2 duty cycle tested.
  • 75% rated line pull durability test over 500 cycles without damaging gears or motor.
What is EN14492-1

EN14492-1 applies to the design, information for use, maintenance and testing of power-driven winches for which the prime mover is an electric motor, hydraulic motor, internal combustion motor or pneumatic motor.

They are designed for lifting and lowering loads suspended on hooks or other load-handling devices, lifting and lowering loads on inclined planes, or only pulling of loads on typically horizontal planes.

This European Standard applies to the following types of winch:
  1. rope winches
  2. chain winches
  3. belt winches, except steel belts used as hoisting media
  4. traction winches.
These types of winches 1 to 4 also include the following specific applications:
  • vehicle recovery winches
  • winches on boat trailers
  • forestry winches
  • winches for stationary offshore applications
  • winches for drilling applications
  • winches to be used exclusively for the pulling of loads.

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