Warrior Ninja 2000

The Warrior Ninja 2000 is ideal for large ATVs and small trailers. A massive high-power motor, heavy-duty clutch, steel gearing, and heavy-duty waterproof contactors ensure the ultimate performance and reliability. In addition, a strengthened steel drum makes it ideal to use with synthetic rope. Please choose your configuration below: 12V or 24V, Wire or Synthetic Rope

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Overview and Specification

Ninja 2000 Electric Winch is a robustly built utility winch. There is no comparable model on the market. The unique free spool system ensures it outperforms its competitors with ease. Standard specification includes a powerful 1.0hp motor, full steel planetary gearing and heavy-duty sealed contactors. An ATV handle bar remote is available.

Outstanding Features

  • Sealed High Power Motor
  • 3 Tonne Pulley Block Mounting plate
  • Full Steel Planetary Gearing
  • Strengthened Steel Drum (suitable for Synthetic rope)
  • A Watertight 4 Pin connection allows the use of ‘Plug and Play’ Wireless
  • Heavy Duty Battery Leads
  • Gloss Chip Resistant Paint

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