LODAR AC9863 3 Meter Aerial Extension

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LODAR AC9863 3 Meter Aerial Extension, to suit 4 function and greater Lodar systems, ideal when the receiver does not have line of sight.

Overview and Specification

LODAR AC9863 3 Meter Aerial Extension

This Lodar External Aerial with 3 metre cable, AC9863, allows you to obtain the maximum operating range of the system when the receiver is concealed and cannot receive a good signal with the standard internal aerial.

When reception is poor on an existing system, the receiver ‘judders’. To stop it juddering, we recommend that you install a remotely mounted aerial. These are available with various cable lengths, in this case three metres (200mm of this is inside the receiver).

All four or more button receivers with six screws in the lid have the connector fitted to allow you to add this component.

All two button receivers without a master output and the blue seal receivers with four screws require the SMA (500-0006) connector soldering to the PCB.

For information on how to install your aerial, please see our instructions here.

  • 2.8 metre usable cable length
  • M20 cable gland for mounting in steel and plastic included

Aerial dimensions

  • Height 160 mm x 13 mm diameter
  • Mounting hole 20mm diameter x 6mm max in steel or plastic,
  • Mounting hole 6.35mm diameter x 3 mm maximum thickness in plastic

This is designed for the majority of Standard Lodar Systems

Lodar sytems features include; Heavy duty design and a reputation for reliability, paired with long lasting battery and sealing. Best of all this model of transmitter comes complete with a lanyard and clear instructions.

View Coding Instructions here.

This suits the popular 4 function and above but the Lodar range is almost infinitely customizable!

Standard transmitter models come with Winch in/out and Bed in/out as standard. We also offer a huge range of standard inserts and even the option to have your own custom inserts.

If you need something different don’t worry! Just contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

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