Prestige Winches

Ultimate Performance
The Prestige range of Ultimate Performance Winches are built with competition in mind - the ultimate winch systems you can fit your off-road vehicle - the winches of choice for off-road racing.

This range has been designed and manufactured to the highest tolerances, are entirely dependable, reliable and above all fast. Our Ultimate Performance Winches can be used and abused in the most hostile environments.

As well as being built for competition, they are equally at home in other applications and commercial applications that require 100% reliability, speed and strength.

From Range

The From range of winches supplied by From Industries Tallahassee Florida USA are certainly a world leader in Off Road winches. They have many unique features and are superior quality which makes them the obvious choice for the serious off road enthusiast. The F12 twin motor competition winch has become the most sought after competition winch the world over due to it’s outstanding performance and very competitive price.

They are all available with either wire or synthetic rope and come in the following capacities: Edge, Rhino and Ant 9600lb (4363kg) • 12500lb (5681kg) • F12 Twin Motor 12000lb (5455kg).

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